In 2004 Griffin’s Foods were one of the first companies to sign the Packaging Accord, which is an industry commitment to reduce the environmental impact of packaging materials.

Our types of packaging reflect our commitment to both national and global standards around recycling.

The carton we use to ship our product to supermarkets and other outlets is made from 20% new paper and 60% recycled paper, making the finished carton 100% recyclable.

The plastic printed film that wraps around the biscuits is made from a material called coated Polypropylene, which protects the biscuits from going stale when in storage. This film is recyclable but currently there are no recycling facilities in NZ which can recycle this material.  

The tray the biscuits come in is made from Polyetherylene terepthalate (PET), which is 100% recyclable.  The trays currently used by Griffin’s are made from 40% virgin PET and 60% from recycled PET. This is the most recycled plastic both across the world and in New Zealand.

Since 2008 Griffin’s has removed the tray from some of its popular biscuits and crackers. The result is  the removal of over 12 million trays per year. This equates to over 40 tonnes of plastic which will no longer be going into New Zealand land fills.