Our People - Working with Us

What is it like to work at Griffin's?
We offer our employees a flexible and challenging career with professional development opportunities while also promoting work-life balance.

Griffin's is a fun and rewarding place to work. If you'd like to learn more, go to Join the team to find out how you can become a member of the Griffin's team.

How can I find out about jobs at Griffin's?
Check out our current vacancies

Join the Club

How do I join the Cookie Bear Club?
Our Cookie Bear Club has lots of fun games and activities for kids. Go to the Cookie Bear website at www.cookiebear.co.nz, then follow the instructions to join. Dum-Dee-Doo!


Does Griffin’s have any community programmes that it supports and/or is involved in?
As a New Zealand manufacturer and company we are fully committed to local communities and organisations. One of our longest community organisation relationships spans 45 years and is with Guides New Zealand.

Our Biscuits

Which is the most popular biscuit in New Zealand?

There are a number of favourites that consumers love, but Kiwi's eat more Gingernuts than any other biscuit. Do you have a biscuit that you love more than all the others? Tell us more about it at www.bitesizedstories.co.nz 

When were Gingernut biscuits first made?
The first Gingernuts were made in the 1930s as well as Wines, Malt and Arrowroot biscuits. Gingernuts are still a huge Kiwi favourite.

Can you tell me how long ago you started making Snax crackers?
We first started making our Snax crackers in the 1950s. They were first developed by Nick Cody, an English immigrant to America, who retired to New Zealand. He used his expertise with American cookies and crackers to introduce lots of exciting new biscuits and crackers to NZ.

When was the first Cookie Bear Chocolate Chippie biscuit sold in New Zealand?
The Cookie Bear Chocolate Chippie Biscuits was launched under the Hudson brand in the late 1970s and we haven't looked back since.

When did Griffin’s first make MallowPuffs?
As a registered name MallowPuffs was first introduced in 1986, but we have records of a Chocolate Mallow biscuit as far back as 1939. That means this delicious biscuit was in production for nearly five decades before the 1980s.

Why are Wine biscuits called ‘Wine’ biscuits?

There are two interesting stories behind this name and both go back over 100 years. The flour used to bake the Wine biscuits was packed for transportation purposes into old wine barrels. Also, the original Griffin’s family bought Wine biscuits from Europe, where it was customary actually to serve them with wine.

What do the 1.75kg Sampler biscuits have inside?
Each sampler packet comes with: Swiss Crème (3), Krispies (7), ToffeePops (3), Chocolate Thins (7), Cameo Crémes (3), Butter Shortbread (3), Cookie Bear Chocolate Chippies (5), Dark Chocolate Wheaten (6) and Cookie Bear PartyTime Wafers (3).

How does Griffin’s check the food is safe?

Our full “Quality from Start to Finish” process is something that we have developed over more than 140 years to ensure perfection today. We are proud of the processes we have in place that ensure our products are not only safe to eat, but a delight to indulge in.


How can we find out the fat content in each biscuit and cracker?
Each of our products has different levels of fat content. To find out the fat content for each product please see our products.

What kind of fats do you use in your products and how do we know which are “good” fats?

There are three kinds of fats that we use in our products: Palmolein; Hi Oleic; and Canola. Palmolein is 100% palm oil with antioxidants added to maintain shelf life and to ensure freshness of our biscuits and crackers.


What kind of packaging does Griffin’s use?
Several different kinds of packaging are used by Griffin’s to make sure that you receive the freshest products to enjoy. Environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging, where possible, is also used.